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Personal Information
Gender  :   Female
City :   Highland
Birth Date :   10-August-1986
Height :   5ft1inch
Weight :   109 Kg
Bust :   34inch
Waist :   25inch
Hips :   34inch
Dress/Shirt :   s
Hair Color :   Red
Hair Length :   Medium
Eyes :   Blue
Skin :   Fair
Ethnicity :   Caucasian
Type :   Hollywood Actress
Additional Information :   Online student at a College, Univeristy of Phoenix, Az, studying Liberal Arts and General Education, Homemaker, married with child
Experience :   Phantom's Haunted house in Lewisville, TX doing Improv for three years, Lewisville High Shcool in Lewisville, Tx doing skits/plays, Hedrick Middle School in Lewisvilee, TX doing skits/plays, drama, Choir
Worked in Phantom's Haunted House as a Grieving widow crying for dead husband and reaching out to others for help. Worked as a tortured slave on a table being whipped and beat pleading for dear life and begging for peace. Ability to lead, excellent memorization skills, organized, flexible, fast learner, ability to express many emotions including crying
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