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Gender  :   Female
City :  
Birth Date :   19-June-1985
Height :  
Weight :   0 Kg
Bust :  
Waist :  
Hips :  
Dress/Shirt :  
Hair Color :  
Hair Length :  
Eyes :  
Skin :  
Ethnicity :  
Type :   Bollywood Actor
Additional Information :  
Experience :   I would like to present myself, model/voice artist/ training actress and presenter based in Belfast, UK.

Since beginning in the acting media industry, I have won a major campaign casting for female voice artist across a Volkswagen radio advert, modelled for fashion shoots and played as a main model and dance extra on a New York music video production shot in the UAE. Including this I also played a small part as a Teacher in the documentary 'Riding The Rainbow' screened at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival and as actress in an Iranian Movie title: Write my Story. I was selected to review a fast selling book and then interviewed by a TV journalist from City7 News, where I speak about the books storyline and its similarities to the living and relationships that tend to mend in Dubai. In addition to this I was also a reporter for a local Northern Ireland Lifestyle magazine, where I would write empowering and engaging interview questions, researched fresh stories and had face-to-face interviews with some local celebrities.

My passion for entertaining is second to none, and really what has led me to achieve the above with higher hopes to further enhance my acting and on screen experience. At your convenience, I'd appreciate the opportunity to discuss any opportunity and my candidacy with you. Please find enclosed my resume and links below to review my above projects.
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