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Personal Information
Gender  :   Male
City :   London
Birth Date :   21-August-1993
Height :   150
Weight :   5 Kg
Bust :   21inch
Waist :   20inch
Hips :   20cm
Dress/Shirt :   s
Hair Color :   Black
Hair Length :   Medium
Eyes :   Black
Skin :   Med_black
Ethnicity :   Indian
Type :   Bollywood Artists
Additional Information :   MUSICAL BACKGROUND:

Syed J. Ahmed or known as his stage name 'Mr. Sliks' singer/song writer, rapper, producer & actor, consists of a flow like no other entering the musical scene with talent he first
started as a solo act ever since he was born into the industry back in 2004 and then Mr. Sliks started going into his own path in 2008 as an professional recording artist. As unseen before, electrifying vibes and an unmissable presence. Spending time studying
at one of the leading performing art academy’s and dj'ing skills. Mr. Sliks took time in perfecting his craft by working alongside different other industry experts.

Mr. Sliks quotes "It's been a long time coming and perfecting myself, I've been building up the skills to make sure that I have the power to make real & touching concepts from different areas of the industry of today."

This individual has taken a lead to his career to both parts of his talents, and as a solo artist working with the industry’s finest producers, working on his next biggest singles and upcoming albums every years to come each track demonstrating his vast musical
range and reportour talent. So Pay attention to Mr. Sliks, and his words of wisdom and let his electrifying style take control.

Now learning, classical raags & classical training from the inspiration of A.R. Rahman, Stargate, Motown Records, Madonna & Jamene Douglas. Listening to other industry experts & their sounds. Bringing that cultural fusion towards the west. As so the fashion
world come's into the generation of my journey, I can only let my work do the talking. MUSIC MEETS FASHION!
Experience :   8 Years Experience & In The Entertainment Business. Syed J Ahmed Or Better Known As The Industry's Finest. 'King Ahmed' Is Crowned To Be A Diverse Talent!

Syed was born & raised in Europe/UK, South London-Lambeth in the cultural mixed race of South West, born in Kings College Hospital on the August 21st 1993. As a bengali, asian discovering the world as it passes by, growing up with a traditional family where his parents was raised & born in Bangladesh & came to the UK to disocver & find new thing's to work with. Syed was never interested in common thing's known to the world. He always attempted to strive for the best for his goals only if it was at his interest on his long-term goals & targets. He only discovered his art, his talent when watching the public media & the TV was made, where I would watch several series of programmes, favorite shows, movies & music etc. Yes he was a fanatic for the entertainment showbiz lifestyle & facsinated by how it is & what to succeed in it. He never settled for less but always thinking BIG, aiming BIG & high up to his expectations. The young years of his life was a learning strategy for everything even from today & now. His school days of academic years was never a success, always failing at his worst. The teachers discovered & tested his I.Q. & brain cells & the results became to be known as 'Dyslexic' disablity. Slow on learning & catching up on thing's & easily strolling off into another world. But that can only be re-phrased as imagining thing's & putting your imaginations to the test!

Syed went through a lot of drama & failures through his academical school years & bullies came through, negative surrounding's always putting him down, where he had no friends to communicate to no're anyone to hang around with & experience how it was like to have a genuine friend.

The years now count down to today as he experiences many major challenges through his young days & of today.

Now his Acting debut come's in, Mr. Sliks terminally has been crownd as 'King Ahmed' for being known as the industry's finest from many public media's. Only to become yet another rising star into the world of acting. Syed has received many gifted awards & certificates for being a great human being, for being a uprising most talented & profound individual of his working career. He has been widely popular in Bollywood film music these days for being an outstanding performer on set & on the working process throughout projects & directing his own. Syed began his acting debut performing in a movie on a film shoot with comedian 'Jack White Hall' on a tour intro for his show 'Live At The Appollo'. He then was featured on Channel 4's reality TV Show: The Roosters, as chosen to talk amongst's the viewers about the world, documenting his lifestyle & career.

The following years & so on, he became to continue the world of acting as soon as he was sucked into it all & fell in love with it.

The projects released a wide audience, mixed reviews from critics, and a below average response at the box office apparently.Despite a Bollywood acting debut, Syed is expected to star in his next tittles alongside other superstars. Aiming to go Global, taking risks & going towards that extra-mile, hitting the blockbusters internationally, theaters world wide & still a superstar in the making!

Now working on his own projects, directing is just one thing but a project manager/director & setting the paste, creating the ideas & mastering that idea whilst it goes into place & into action! Bringing along his great inspiring team where it all began from a meet up & to a world wide exposure where the press have wrote several articles about us each individuals throughout touring world wide shows & taking part in major events whilst the major media's been watching us. Team Diverse is a mixture of (Culture Mix) Where West Meet's The East, to translate that... Hollywood 2 Bollywood, Indie/Pop from Justified Prince, Reuel Singh A Visual, Magician Artist & Syed Ahmed (MR. SLIKS) A Pop, Bollywood & Bhangra Artist all in One team & together we Are (Team-Diverse), it's a form of unique vibes of a new genre. We make the Unique happen!
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