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Personal Information
Gender  :   Male
City :   Nové Zámky
Birth Date :   29-September-1994
Height :   178
Weight :   60 Kg
Bust :   20cm
Waist :   20cm
Hips :   20cm
Dress/Shirt :   l
Hair Color :   Blond
Hair Length :   Medium
Eyes :   Green
Skin :   Light_tan
Ethnicity :   European
Type :   Hollywood Actor
Additional Information :   So first I donīt know my rate of brust, waist and hips, but if itīs problem so I can get it :D
Experience :   Be an actor, itīs my dream from childhood like everybodyīs else. I attended a school of acting for a 5 years (in free time) I was on casting here in Slovakia, but here itīs pretty weak, so wasnīt success. But itīs not my problem or their. Itīs problem of state. I think that I have a really more chances in abroad than here. So if you will make a decision I will wait :)
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