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Personal Information
Gender  :   Female
City :   mumbai
Birth Date :   15-June-1989
Height :  
Weight :   0 Kg
Bust :  
Waist :  
Hips :  
Dress/Shirt :  
Hair Color :  
Hair Length :  
Eyes :  
Skin :  
Ethnicity :  
Type :   Bollywood Actress
Additional Information :   After completing my Bachelors & MBA from a reputed B-school, I went on to work with luxury brands in Dubai & Zurich as the Brand Manager for Calvin Klein, Montblanc etc.

While I thoroughly enjoyed my job which included perks like globe-trotting & interacting with gazillion new people from all different cultures across the globe, I did wonder why I always felt a sense of not-completely-belonging in this corporate space.. Funny thing was that something about me always made people say " You should be in the entertainment industry..what are you doing here?"

One time I visited Mumbai for an official conference & went to watch a play at Prithvi Theatre. The aura that place emits is certainly radioactive. Because something happened that day !! I do not know whether it was the play or the ambiance or just the deep sense of responsibility towards the craft that reflected in that theatre ... but it got me !!

I came out enlightened.. almost feeling like I was a step closer to an unknown goal ! It did leave me thinking... Even when I returned to Dubai & resumed my job, I would spend some lonely hours at various cafes in Dxb trying to figure out what is that I wanted !

And that's when I took the toughest decision of my life yet ! I quit my job, collected my savings & moved to Mumbai .. I researched thoroughly to find some earnest teachers who could help me explore whether I am an actor at all or not & that's how my love story with the extraordinary craft of acting began !

For the past one year, I have trained in acting, managed to land a few roles in several small-time stage plays & have been a part-time diction coach.

Whenever I have faced the camera, I have just had fun & the result has been pretty interesting!
I am hoping to find work as an actor to express my natural talents on any genuine platform of entertainment !
Experience :   A few stage plays
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