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Personal Information
Gender  :   Male
City :   Amsterdam
Birth Date :   1-October-1987
Height :   195
Weight :   89 Kg
Bust :   44cm
Waist :   34cm
Hips :   20cm
Dress/Shirt :   l
Hair Color :   Dark_blond
Hair Length :   Medium
Eyes :   Green
Skin :   White
Ethnicity :   European
Type :   Hollywood Actor
Additional Information :   Hello,

I would like to be in a Bollywood movie together with my girlfriend. The information in this form is the information of me. I am a tall dutch guy. My girlfriend is a German girl from Munich
Experience :   We actually have almost no experience in acting at all. My girlfriend Sarah can sing in English really good.
We are only for 2 days in Mumbai. That would be in the first week of januari. Is their any recording or filmset in this week who is still in need of western actors?
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