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Gender  :   Female
City :  
Birth Date :   1-January-1988
Height :  
Weight :   0 Kg
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Type :   Professionals
Additional Information :   Creative Director ARS Multi-Media Productions
Experience :   I am an experienced Script Writer, Voice Over Director, and Casting Director located in Vancouver Canada. I have been working in the Entertainment Industry for approximately 15 years, first as an Actor, and later as a Script Writer and Voice Over Director. I have experience in writing and directing full length features, episodic television/ direct to video, video games, shorts, teasers, adaptations, promos, doctoring existing scripts and radio advertising.
During my career I have worked with both Domestic and International production companies which include: Warner Bros., Film Roman, BBC, Shavik, Viz, Activision, Ruby Spears, Saban, Pioneer,CBC, Universal, Ocean, Studio X, Funimation, Eva, You n Me Productions, Channel 8 Madrid, and Graz. This work included scripts and productions in multi covering: Television Series, Videos Teasers, Trailers, Gaming, Feature Films, Promos, Direct to Video, and News Copy (radio).
In addition to original writing I have helped companies Worldwide with Americanization of their projects (animation and live action) to help them compete in the often tough American market. I work with them in both script writing/development and in audio dubbing.
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