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Personal Information
Gender  :   Male
City :   Barcelona
Birth Date :   5-June-1967
Height :  
Weight :   0 Kg
Bust :  
Waist :  
Hips :  
Dress/Shirt :  
Hair Color :  
Hair Length :  
Eyes :  
Skin :  
Ethnicity :  
Type :   Hollywood Actor
Additional Information :   German multilingual actor based in Spain, perfect in English, as well as German, Spanish, Italian and French, with over 10 years experience in Film and Theatre, skilled in many physical activities, among which Martial Arts (black belt), Dancing, and Sports of all kinds.

Experience :   FILM

- "Ultimatum" (2010), dir. Beatriz Cabur, Jaime (Lead), Short movie
- "8 Minutes" (2010), dir. Alex Rios, Carl (Lead), Short movie
- "Una vida por delante" ("A life ahead") (2009), dir. Helena Oliva, Alberto (Lead), Short movie
- “Mr. Nice” (2009), dir. Bernard Rose, Policeman Amsterdam, Feature movie
- “Wendy - badge 20957”, dir. Mireia Ros, Herman von Stier, Feature movie
- “Sí o No” (“Yes or No”) (2008), dir. Rosa Vergé, Lover (Lead), Short film
- “Escalofrío” (“Shiver”) (2006), dir. Isidro Ortiz, Little girl’s father, Feature movie
- “Drift” (2006), dir. David Walsh, Psychotic liar (Lead), Short film
- “Stress” (2005), dir. Sergio Piera, Business man (Lead), Short film
- “Sweet Tania” (2001), Dir. Anna Vilalta, The German (Lead), Short film
- “Inventario” (“Inventory”) (2000), Dir. Jordi Soler, Librarian (Lead), Short film.


- "Mamet's Night" (David Mamet), Edmond, dir. Nico Rivero, Teatro La Riereta
- “Return from the Desert” (B.M. Koltés), ‘The Parachutist', dir. L'Específica, Anaglifós
- “La Noche de Iocasta” (Raúl Mena), ‘Oedipus’, dir. Raúl Mena , Teatro La Riereta
- “Salomé” (Raúl Mena), ‘The Man', dir. Raúl Mena, Centro Civico Meridiana


- "La Clínica" (2010), dir. María Almagro, TV3 - TV de Catalunya
- “Cor de la Ciutat” (2000), dir. Esteve Rovira, Friend, TV3 - TV de Catalunya
- “La Memoria dels Cargols” (1999), Dir. Dagoll Dagom, German soldier, TV3 - TV de Catalunya


Over 100 TV ads (list available), mostly as lead character


"Angels & Demons" (2009), dir. Jon Howard, Swiss Guard, Feature movie
I am ready to come to India at my own expense, for any interesting role in a feature movie production. Please, do not hesitate in contacting me! Thank you.
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